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XV Coloquio de Trabajadoras de las Maquilas

XV Symposium of Textile Factory Workers

Gone are the days when workers organized in the Movement “María Elena Cuadra” (MEC) almost met clandestinely to analyze employment status as workers in the FTZs.

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Agenda Económica Concertada

Concerted Economic Agenda

Concerted Economic Agenda for Women organizations, was built through dialogue and deliberation as mechanisms for processing, resolve differences and reach consensus on a framework of respect for the differing and diverse opinions.

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Aprueban Ley Integral contra la Violencia hacia las Mujeres

Approved Comprehensive Law Against Violence Against Women

The first bill was presented by the Women's Movement “María Elena Cuadra” since 21 October of the year 2010 supported by more than 12 mujeresde thousand firms across the country.

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Recent News

Resumen de caso de zona franca Sae...

El día veintisiete de junio del año dos mil dieciséis un grupo de trabajadores de empresa de zona franca Sae A Technotex S.A, realizaron protesta

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Diploma Security, Salud e Higien...

MEC in coordination with the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua, It develops from August to December 2016 Security Diploma, Salud e Higiene en el Trabajo

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18 Coloquio de Mujeres obreras de l...

The day 7 March 2016 the eighteenth edition of the Colloquium maquila workers made Women was held by the MEC

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Entrega de Fondos Revolventes en es...

On Monday, 16 June of the year 2014 to 9:40 am se hizo la entrega formal de fondo revolvente en especies de aves

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    [testimonial name="Emily Dickinson" subname="Overcoming and women's empowerment"]
    “We ignore our true stature until we stand up”.

    [testimonial name="Jane Austen" subname="Female decision making"]
    “The nonsense cease to be when performed by people so bold with sensitivity”.

    [testimonial name="Simone de Beauvoir" subname="About Eternal feminism"]
    “I do not believe in the eternal feminine, an essence of woman, something mystical. The woman is not born, done”.